Do Kwon Arrest: What Questions Remain Unanswered?

• Do Kwon, the Terra blockchain co-founder, was arrested in Montenegro last week.
• The collapse of Terra blockchain in May 2022 had destabilized crypto lender Celsius Network and hedge fund Three Arrows Capital.
• The U.S. and South Korea have both requested for the extradition of Do Kwon.

Do Kwon’s Arrest

Do Kwon, the founder of Terra blockchain, was arrested in Montenegro last week after attempts to avoid prosecution failed. His arrest is seen as an important milestone as he is accused of committing fraud causing massive losses to investors worldwide who invested in his project.

The Impact Of Do Kwon’s Collapse

When Do Kwon’s Terra blockchain collapsed in May 2022 it caused massive financial losses for those invested in it and also destabilized other crypto projects such as Celsius Network and Three Arrows Capital. This has led to an ongoing banking crisis and crypto crackdown that has been dominating headlines over the past few weeks.

Extradition Requests By US & South Korea

Both the US and South Korea have requested extradition of Do Kwon to face justice for his crimes with Montenegro’s Justice Minister Marko Kovac confirming this news recently. This will be a long process but one that is necessary to ensure that justice is served given the enormity of his alleged crimes against investors globally.

„Lunacy: The Rise And Fall Of Do Kwon“ Podcast Series

If you want a recap on all that happened leading up to the arrest there is a podcast series called „Lunacy: The Rise and Fall Of Do Kwon“ which gives an entertaining overview of everything that occurred so far with regards to this case.

Final Thoughts

It has been a rollercoaster ride from start till finish but finally justice might just be served as investigations are ongoing by authorities from across different countries on this matter . It should serve as a reminder for everyone involved with investments into new projects or technologies – do your due diligence thoroughly before investing any money!