The 7 Best DIY Bluetooth Speakers

Create your own unique sound system by creating your own personal Bluetooth speaker, specifically designed how you’d like it. These amazing examples will inspire you to build your own. Readers who like you contribute to MUO. If you purchase via links on our website, we might receive an affiliate commission. Read More.Making an individual DIY Bluetooth speaker could not be a better project to kick off your DIY journey. It’s all you need is a basic components list , and a basic electronics abilities. Apart from the electronic aspect it could be the ideal opportunity to learn some woodworking techniques and power tool. To connect it all the design elements are enjoyable, and flexible as well. So , get started on building your own Bluetooth speakers, or be motivated to design your own style.

1. Simple 10W Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Making a tiny Bluetooth speaker is a fantastic project as it does not require an extensive list of components but there’s plenty of scope for personalization. For instance this 10W Bluetooth speaker from Instructables features a stunning plywood layout for its enclosure and the possibility of using a recycled phone battery to provide power to the device. The finished product is lightweight, and has a battery life that can last up to 10 hours of full volume. If you’re not a fan of woodworking You can, of course, make your own enclosure to the electronics. Following the designmay be worth the effort since it creates an airtight enclosure. When you build the DIY Bluetooth speakers, making sure to build an airtight enclosure will help to enhance the sound quality as well as shielding the device from moisture and dust.

2. Mini Solar Power Bank Speaker

The construction of an DIY Bluetooth speaker is an excellent way to reuse electronic components that have been discarded. The recycled components used in this project comprise speakers batteries, switches, and LEDs. However, that’s not the most appealing aspect: in addition to the electronics that are recycled this Bluetooth speaker is also equipped with solar panels. In the in-depth instructables manual, the idea was to make something small lightweight, portable, and simple to carry on a camping trip. Apart from charging the speaker solar panels, they are also able to charge phones using the additional USB outlet. The final topping on this cake inclusion to the system is an LED lamp that can be used as an illuminating torch.

3. DIY Bluetooth Speaker From a Glasses Case

When you’ve got an idea of what you need to do for wiring for the form of a Bluetooth speaker, you’ll start finding DIY speaker designs all over the place. You could, for instance create an Bluetooth speaker from an old case for eyewear. Apply a coat of the matte spray-paint and you’ll be able to fool people to believe you’ve created an actual product from a manufacturer. With a mixture of selvaged electronics as well as new parts the project posted that was posted on Instructables is priced at about $15. Do not expect step-by-step directions on wiring however, if you’ve got some knowledge of electronics it can be a an excellent source of inspiration.

4. DIY Bluetooth Speaker Made From a Pelican Case

One of the disadvantages of purchasing consumer Bluetooth speakers is the fact they aren’t equipped with the right buttons or switches , not like those you had with old radios or boomboxes. This is another reason to go on the DIY option. Check out this diy Bluetooth speakers that you can find on the Instructables. In addition to being housed in an incredible clear Pelican case, the speaker has several satisfying tactile switches that are wired into the circuit. The dial can be used to regulate the volume, which, according to any account is more cool than the standard buttons you find in the present. Music and electronics are an excellent pair, so if seeking more ideas similar to this take a look at our list of creative DIY music technology projects.

5. Portable Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

There’s a wide options when picking the right components to make the Bluetooth speaker. From inexpensive and simple to salvaged electronics, all that is essential is that you choose the one that is best for you. This vibrant diy speaker for instance is made using car speakers as well as leather belts that were recycled for the handle. Check out our instructables page to see the build instructions, which include an excellent template that you can download to build your speaker’s housing. A nice addition is that you can make use of wooden pegs to keep the speaker in place instead of screws. It’s small design decisions such as this that makes building your own speaker DIY worth the effort.

6. Minimalist DIY Bluetooth Speaker

It’s not everyone who needs high-fidelity audio in a speaker. Sometimes it’s the design that is worthy of more focus. For this young artist creating an Bluetooth speakers was the ideal reason to design a speaker with a minimalist style made of wool felt and stained wood. You can create this project using a drill as well as a saw, but if are looking to test different construction techniques such as laser cutting and milling you can follow the instructions in Instructables in the form that they are written. One amazing thing to mention is the fact that this CNC milling machine in use here is actually a design that was made by a DIY that is also accessible at Instructables that was printed using 3D components! If you’re wondering whether the smaller size of speaker is better or not, read our guide to help you determine which size speaker is most suitable for your room.

7. Vintage-Look Bluetooth Speaker

With the majority of Bluetooth speakers striving to become ever-lighter and lighter It’s refreshing to see a homemade design that is completely different. The speaker weighs 6kg, however, you’ll get fifteen days worth of playback with one charge. Its bulk is the result of the closed lead acid battery along with its weight due to the MDF boards that make up the enclosure. Perhaps as a response to the over-powered battery the Bluetooth speaker was designed to feel and look like an elegant vintage item. If this idea interests you go to Instructables for the instructions for building.

Easier Than You Think

After looking over these fantastic DIY Bluetooth speakers You’ll see that creating your own is much easier than you imagine. All you require is the basic elements to connect the speaker, and the only thing left is an enclosure that you can design and build yourself. If you are unable to find the Bluetooth speaker available that is a good fit for your needs creating one yourself is the best way to take.